We all want every student to reach their limitless potential. This is the dream of every parent, the goal of every educator and the expectation of every taxpayer. When my husband Brad accepted an engineering position at Volkswagen in 2015 our family relocated to the area and we naturally had a vested interest in learning about Hamilton County schools as our daughter is an educator and three of my grandchildren attend school in district 7.  It was clear the state of public education in Hamilton County was a "front-burner" issue.

Over the past two years, especially 2019, I watched the debate regarding the school districts, listened and learned. Many things were exciting but some were troubling. It was hard for many to bounce between the celebration headlines and the news reports on contentious issues like the $34 million tax increase budget. What were citizens and taxpayers outside the school system umbrella supposed to believe?

After several people suggested  that I consider running for the School Board, I realized that part of the problem causing the clear divide in the community regarding the school system and skeptical taxpayers was leadership on the School Board. Was the board or superintendent setting the agenda of the school system? My view from the outside was that the answer was the superintendent.

After a career in the private sector and with a fresh set of eyes I decided to place my name on the ballot. Thank you for visiting our website.  If you have any questions please contact me here. My principles and values are firm and I am learning something new every day about schools as I prepare to campaign and serve.


Your donation and support are deeply appreciated. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail! 

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